Challenge Category Value Time
Return To Mania PWN50
CB1 Crypto50
Patches' Punches Reversing50
DiscordSlam Misc5
CyberRumble PWN200
TimeWarp Scripting50
Entry Exam Scripting250
WelcomeCrypto Crypto50
Smash Reversing150
WrestlerBook Web100
Wrestler Name Generator Web150
CB2 Crypto100
Brainmeat Misc75
CB3 Crypto150
Middle Ocean Misc75
Golly Gee Willikers Forensics100
Sonar Forensics250
Big Bad Misc100
Castles Forensics150
We Will We Will Forensics250
16-bit-AES Crypto100
Portfolio Web150
The Whole Pkg Reversing350
Enter The Polygon 1 Web300
Enter The Polygon 2 Web300
ArbCrypt Crypto200